Millions of square feet of stone veneer have been made in our concrete stone veneer molds!
Mold Item # 1: Hand Cut Ledgestone concrete molds.
Mold Items #8: Ledgestone Quick-Fit concrete molds.
Mold Item # 4: River Rock concrete molds.
Mold Item # 2: Natural Cut Ledgestone concrete molds. 
Mold Item # 6: Cobblestone Paver concrete molds.
Mold Item # 10: Craftsmen Quick-fit concrete molds
Mold Item # 3: Limestone concrete molds.
Mold Item # 11: Castle Rock concrete molds.
Mold Item # 7: Field Ledgestone Concrete Molds.
Mold Item # 5: Flagstone concrete molds.
Concrete Molds for Column Caps 
Keystone and Trim stone Concrete Molds.
We don't just sell our molds, we use them tooWe are the first company on the internet to openly teach the art of designing professional grade stone veneer, back in 2005. Our designs can be seen in over 30 countries and counting. We don't just sell molds, we live this stuff folks! When you're done playing around with amateurs, give us a call.
Order Molds: (702) 430-9062 9am - 5pm PST
Our basic stone molds are below.
Mold Item #12: Shadow Ledgestone concrete molds.
Pool coping concrete molds.  
Mold Item #13: Rubble concrete molds.
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We live for challenging custom projects. Bring it son!

We made custom molds for many types of products, not just for concrete.  Let us help you make your dream a reality.  We can even start with a sketch on a napkin.  
Natural Cut Ledgstones made by a first timer for his investment property.  
The picture to the right was sent in by one of our customers who just followed our simple instructions to produce excellent stone veneer. Great work Hak!  Happy stone making!
Featured Concrete Molds
Mold Item #2's Natural Cut Ledgestone.
Our founders flagship facility in Las Vegas, where they turn recycled tires into stone veneer and other cool things.
What are Stone Veneer Molds? 

"Stone Veneer Molds" are exactly what the phrase implies, molds that make stone veneer.

There are 3 grades of stone veneer molds.

Made without release agents, directly from natural stone, and will retain crisp texture even after 5+ years of daily use.

Made with release agents from concrete stones.

DiY = Plastic Molds.
Don't be fooled into believing that rubber molds loose detail after a few uses...what a joke. 

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