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1. Take the molds out of the box and lay them on a flat work-surface.  If you plan on filling the molds with concrete prior to transferring them to another workstation or curing area, you will need a piece of plywood that is 18"x24"  to transfer the molds without spillage. 

2. Once the molds are in place at their workstation, and you have set up your accent pigments, you are now ready to add accent colors to the stone veneer molds. Apply the accent colors the same way they are being applied in the video to the right. 

3. After your molds are nice and colored up, you are now ready to create your concrete mix. Most people will use a premix like Quickrete, until you are ready to manufacture stone veneer at a higher volume.  Just follow the instructions on the bag and pour the concrete mix into the molds if you are using a premix. 

If you prefer to create you own concrete mix, we suggest using a 3:1 ratio.  We know that a 3:1 ratio is rich in cement but the end product will greatly exceed material specifications.  The trick is to add as little water as possible, and not to exceed the 20% threshold.
Once you have mixed your concrete you are now ready to fill the molds. We suggest pouring 1 gallon bucket full of concrete for each mold.  Just wipe away the excess concrete and apply it to the next mold.

4. After the molds are full of concrete they are now ready to be leveled out by vibrating them for 30 seconds or so, and then raked across the back with a large hair pick.   By raking the stone veneer you will be creating a surface that is more friendly to sticking on the wall during the stone veneer installation process. 

5. Make sure to let the stones sit for at least 7 days before you apply them to a wall.  Do not store the curing concrete stone veneer in direct sunlight for the first 7 days, at least.  The best way to store the stones is by covering them in plastic at temperatures above 70 degrees F.  We have successfully cured concrete stone veneer at 120 degrees, while covered in plastic. 

Email me for more tips and guidance after you finish following the basic instructions on this page.  I'm look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Stone Making!
John "Shawn" Romant
Founder of StoneCasterStudio.com
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Please take note that the how to make stone veneer instructions below are specifically created for higher end rubber stone veneer molds.  If you are using plastic or polyurethane rubber molds you will not get the same results. Release agents are not required with our molds.
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Making stone veneer is a hobby that can turn into your own manufacturing business.  Many of our customers who started out with just one mold have become successfull stone veneer manufacturers.
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