Stone Veneer Panel Molds
Ledgestone Quick-Fits (Mold items #8 and #9)
We currently offer over 50 unique Ledgestone Quick-Fit molds before you will see a repeating stone.  
That's 100 square feet of non-repeating Quick-fit profiles.  
Our stone veneer panels come  in 2 different sizes (Custom Sizes are available):
We currently offer our Quick-Fit stone veneer panel molds in 6" x 24" and 12" x 30" dimensions.  We also have the capability to create custom dimensions for your project's requirements.  All of our stone veneer panel molds are made directly from natural stones.  

Stone Veneer Panel Mold Dimensions:
  • Mold Item #8, which are our 6" Quick-Fit Panel Molds: 6"H x 24"L  x 1-1.5"H
  • Mold Item #9, which are our 12" Quick-Fit Panel Molds: 12"H x 30"L  x 1-1.5"H
  • Mold Item #15, which are our 24" x 48" Quick-Fit Panel Molds: 24"H x 48"L  x 1-1.5"H 

Why the name Quick-Fits?
We are the first company to coin the phrase "Quick-Fits" relating to stone veneer a few years ago.  Quick-Fit simply means to fit together quickly.  The advantage of choosing stone veneer panels, over individual stones, is seen mainly during the installation process.  

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